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The IPS Back Protector by Pro-Tec is a comfortable, descrete back protector which was designed to offer spine and back protection while not hindering movement while on the bike. This back protector provides a compromise for the rider who wants a high level of mobility while still wanting protection in areas which are most important.

Materials and Procedure:

The IPS Back Protector was tested by CycleBrains both in Whistler and on the North Shore of Vancouver. It was tested in both high speed downhill atmospheres and slower technical riding which required more balance, concentration and body mobility. The tester recently suffered a back injury and was riding with a conscious “will this prevent injury” attitude.




  • Six straps extend from the backplate around to the front
  • Seven hard plastic scales make up the backplate
  • Three points of adjustment for optimal fit
  • 54cm tall hard plastic backplate
  • 17cm wide hard plastic backplate
  • MSRP $119.95 USD




The Pro-Tec IPS Back Protector is a very comfortable, easily adjustable back protector which will provide great mobility of the body while mountain biking or participating in other hard impact risk sports. The spine plate is like many others found in full upper body suites, but is instead accompanied by a more comfortable, better fitting body system. The IPS Back Protector fits a lot like a good quality camping backpack with padded and adjustable should straps as well as a hip belt. The hip belt features soft foam kidney padding and is fastened with a series of Velcro strips. The Velcro strips do not rub the stomach or cause any irritation. The protector seems comfortable even with a tight fit and does not move around while on the bike. The backplate features a layer of hard plastic scales which stretch down to the tail bone and is backed by a soft foam layer to increase comfort and provide a little extra protection.




The IPS Back Protector is a good compromise for those who do not want protective gear which in prevent full movement but still want to be protected from back injuries which riding. While the IPS Back Protector might not protect you from all back impacts, it’s hard shell and foam layers will provide a high degree of protection in the case of a crash. Adjustment allows for a good tight fit but is comfortable against the skin. At $119.95, this back protector is not cheap, but it is a justified price for quality protection, fit and comfort. If you are looking for protection, but do not want to hinder your mobility, or if you want to protect your back but have your arms and shoulders free, the IPS Back Protector is an excellent choice.

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    1. Back plates are only for back protection, if you are looking for neck protection you will have to look for a proper neck brace. I haven’t had the opportunity to test the IPS Back Protector with a neck brace on a ride but I have tried it off the bike and it seems like it would work.

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