Proposed Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadow Base-to-Base Gondola Plans:

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Summer view.

Here are the latest proposals concerning the proposed Base-to-Base (B2B) gondola Squaw Valley base area.  This gondola would connect Squaw Valley ski resort to Alpine Meadows ski resort in California.  These plans were draw up on March 30th, 2016.

Major Items of Proposed Squaw Valley B2B base area:

  • Cushing Pond will be reconfigured, but will maintain approximate size.
  • Cushing Pond will be drained and filled with snow during winter allowing for ski access across pond.
  • Elevated walkway connecting gondola base to KT Base Bar Deck.
  • Skiers will not be able to ski from KT-22 base to Chamois/Tram as in the past – but they can just ski around the new base terminal and over the filled in Cushing Pond.
Winter view.


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13 thoughts on “Proposed Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadow Base-to-Base Gondola Plans:

  1. This doesn’t even resemble the last drawing of a lift starting near headwall base and crossing the ridge above enchanted forest. how about we not react like pavlov’s dogs every time they throw (a bone) some BS at us.

    1. It shows funi overhead in the drawing…Where did you ever see the Gondola at Headwall???
      I have never seen that anywhere?

    1. Bring it on! What’s the real concern from all the naysayers? Progress is a good thing. If all you naysayers were around in the 60s, then KT-22 would have never been built, yet you shred it every day and say that it’s part of the true Squaw experience. That’s bs and hypocritical. If you don’t like development, then don’t spend your $ at a ski resort.

      1. I’m with you. I’m actually looking forward to it.

        After 40+ years skiing both hills, something new will be nice. What the mid stations will offer has me looking forward to it getting done.

      1. Well, this project in particular is going to ruin much of the Alpine experience – not so much Squaw. The mid-station access Craig is looking forward to currently holds snow that stays relatively untracked for several days. Other lifts that KSL has planned will access even more of the hike-to terrain. Yes, I know there are people that just want to hop on a chair and ski, but a large amount of people at Alpine enjoy hiking for turns, often finding pow long after it has snowed. It’s almost like being in the backcountry without leaving the ski area. Personally, I wouldn’t mind the gondola so much if it was routed away from the wilderness and didn’t have midstation access, though I still don’t see why it is necessary. I spend a lot of time at both, and feel the distinct feel of each place is better than having both combined.
        It’s the other stuff KSL has planned (the “village”) that will ruin Squaw, and have adverse effects on Truckee and North Tahoe. Anyone that was at Squaw any weekend this season between December and March has to realize the valley is at maximum capacity, an increasing the junkshow while taking out parking is not going to work.

      1. Could the author of this article please cite where they got this information? I am still unable to find a reputable source of this material. It was not on Placer County, Forest Service, or Is this real? If so please validate it!

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