Pyramid Peak, CA | Hike Summary Of The Tallest Peak In Desolation Wilderness

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Pyramid Peak
Our destination looms above the Lyons Creek Trail. Image: Snowbrains

This past week we celebrated Summit Saturday… let’s get this outta the way from the get go- Pyramid Peak is a badass hike! It stands at 9,984′ making it the tallest peak in California’s awesome Desolation Wilderness.

We chose the route along Lyons Creek Trail, just off Route 50 by Kyburz, CA. It starts off super mellow for about 4 miles until you get to Lake Sylvia… this is when it gets interesting.

Pyramid Peak
Straight up to the notch in the ridge. Image: Snowbrains

From this point on you’re basically going straight up to the summit. Once you reach the ridge behind Lake Sylvia, take a left and up you go. The directions are that simple!

Pyramid Peak
Getting closer. The face of Pyramid Peak with a big patch of snow still hanging on. Image: Snowbrains

After about three infuriating and deflating false peaks, there’s a final large boulder field to navigate. A class 2 scramble will get you to the summit and the reward is a breathtaking view of Desolation Wilderness.

Pyramid Peak Summit
This place does not suck. Image: Snowbrains

Some notable things in the panorama view (from left to right): The Crystal Range, Lake Aloha, Mount Tallac, Lake Tahoe (just a sliver in the distance) and Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Sierra from Pyramid Peak
Sweet view of Sierra-at-Tahoe from the summit. Image: Snowbrains

This is a pretty intense hike and it took us longer then expected. This meant we got to enjoy a sick sunset from the trail…and use our Iphone flashlights to get back to the car.

Pyramid Peak Hike
Pretty sunset to boot. Image: Snowbrains

If you’re visiting or live in the Lake Tahoe area, we highly recommend this rad hike!

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