Quick & Dirty – Alyeska AK, Conditions Report: Fresh all day!

Paulie | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Snow globe city out the Sitz.

Old man winter stacked it up at Alyeska Resort today. While close conditions and near solid, swirling air made for a photographically challenging outing, the broad grins on the chairs were all too plain to see.

North Face was open from Chuck’s Gate onward and with Monday crowds at a minimum, everything was skiing light, fun, and roomy. The savy turn now to eventual opening of High Traverse which, though closed today, stored up a solid layer and looked downright devine.

Closing thought takes cautionary form. This fresh fall was light as the day is long, so expect the frozen contours of the previous surface layer to no less lurk in wait.

This is Paulie at Girdwood advising: get out and SKI!


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