Crystal Mountain Conditions Report: PNW Powder

Reid Pitman | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Crystal Moutain, Reid Pitman
Party Ski!

Some cold weather Monday became a sneaker powder day on Tuesday. Thank the maker cause we needed it! Friends Cori, Theresa and Caitlin were all meeting up so we rode the storm for a few hours hitting Frontside and Campbell Basin. I don’t thing I’d ever had so much fun on Lucky Shot as that first run feeling the groomed snow under a foot of light stuff. There was some touchy storm snow in spots and we kept watch over each other’s lines.

Reid Pitman, Crystal Mountain
Snowboarding in Campbell. Theresa Sippel Photo

The sky did a strange thing and let that burning orb finally free for beautiful hour of bluebird!  2 days later and my face still hurts from smiling so much.  We bounced around everything from Quicksilver to “Short North” runs til our legs were done. What a day!

Reid Pitman, Crystal Mountain
Theresa Sippel frontside

Since Southback hadn’t opened I made plans to be out early but ski bum life (working nights) got in the way. I was surprised to see how few cars were in the lot at 9:30.  The snowpack had consolidated nicely overnight. Despite that the top of Chair six was getting a little thin. I think a person shouldn’t be allowed to complain its rocky if they don’t even try to side step. Ski patrol and lift operators do a great job keeping it covered.

SheJumps, Reid Pitman, Crystal Mountain
Christy Pelland going deep out in North


Reid Pitman, Crystal Mountain
Cori Bucherl dropping into some steeps in Avalanche Basin. Kristina Ciari Photo

Still so many wide open swaths of untouched terrain all over! Northway lift opened mid morning and was well worth the wait. The snow down low is getting heavy and there is some unpleasant things in the forecast. But ya gotta play the cards you’re delt. I don’t know who said it first but they said it right: “There is no bad day on the mountain, just bad equipment choices and bad attitudes” Have a blast!


The PNW is still ranking high on the ol snowpack depth scale but still feels a bit low. The coverage is great in bounds with some creeks and logs not buried in the backcountry yet. Check the NWAC site and be sure to check in with ski patrol for the most up to date info. Crystal Mountain uphill policy



Crystal Mountain Snow Report



NOAA Weather Forecast


Reid Pitman, Crystal Mountain
Slashing turns.
Christy Pelland Photo
Party skiing in Northway.
Christy Pelland Photo
Another best day ever. These ladies are so fun to ski with!
Crystal Mountain, Reid PItman photo
Cori Bucherl in The Doors
Friends on a Powder day
Grady taking flight

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