Locals Upset by Photo of 100s of Rafters Congregating on Truckee River, CA

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rafters, Truckee River, California, Tahoe City,
Rafters on the Truckee River, this weekend. Credit: Twitter

A picture of rafters on the Truckee River near Tahoe City, CA has gone viral as an example of how not to practice proper social distancing.

As temperatures soar, naturally people want to head to the great outdoors, and especially into water. Rafting is the perfect summer’s day activity.

The photo shows about 100 people congregating on the shores of the Truckee River with their rafts, and socializing in close proximity to each other. Nobody is wearing a face mask.

Tahoe residents are upset that due to a spike in coronavirus cases in the area, many businesses have had to re-close.

rafters, Truckee River, California, Tahoe City,
Original Tweet. Credit: Twitter

Tahoe City (formerly Tahoe) is an unincorporated town in Placer County, California. Tahoe City is located on the shore of Lake Tahoe, at the outlet of the Truckee River.

tahoe city,
Tahoe City, CA

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6 thoughts on “Locals Upset by Photo of 100s of Rafters Congregating on Truckee River, CA

  1. Thanks to these mindless people during a pandemic the KT-22 lift line will be shorter.

  2. Most of the “true local full time residents” left the city 4 years ago to escape reality and get on their high horse when other people do it for a weekend.

  3. Thus the sticker now says Kooks only no locals…
    And the gentrification of Tahoe continues.
    Got ski area local employees?
    Yall thinks its gonna open this year too, name change and all???
    Bwahahahaha get a frikken clue people the worst of this pandemic is just beginning and no a vaccine aint gonna be available for billions of idiots anytime soon

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