Rain Continues For CA & OR | 1-4+” of Rain Forecasted Through Thursday | Winter Storm Possibly Arriving Thursday

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GREEN= Flood Watch. Image: NOAA

NOAA has issued Flood Watches for Northern California and much of Oregon. These watches are in affect through tomorrow for much of Central California. While Southern Oregon and Northern California has these watches in effect into the weekend.

1-4+” of rain forecasted for California. The confidence for a Winter Storm arriving later this week is increasing.

7 day snowfall totals for US. Image: Tropical Tidbits
7 day precipitation totals for US. Image: NOAA

Huge precipitation totals are forecasted for California and Oregon throughout the next 7 days. Too bad the snow levels will be so high that most of this precipitation will fall in the form of rain, until later that week when snow is forecasted.

High winds forecasted. Image: NOAA Sacramento, CA

California: 1-4+” of Rain Through Thursday Evening

In general, rainfall amounts will be 1 to 4 inches with the highest amounts in Siskiyouand Josephine Counties and at the coast, with as much as 8 inches in the Coast Range.
- NOAA Sacramento, CA
Rain for Oregon. Image: NOAA Medford, OR
Big totals. Image: NOAA Medford, OR

Oregon: 1.5-2.5+” of Rain Possible Through Thursday

Rainfall totals of 3 to 6 inches are expected in the Willapa Hills and the North and Central Coast Range of Oregon. 2 to 3 inches of rain are expected along the coast and 1.5to 2.5 inches of rain is expected inland.
- NOAA Medford, OR
Warm temps over the next 6-10 days. Image: NOAA
Above average precipitation over the next 6-10 days. Image: NOAA

 Flood Watch For California:

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Reno NV
516 AM PST Wed Feb 8 2017

Greater Lake Tahoe Area-Mono County-
Including the cities of South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Bridgeport,
Mammoth Lakes, Stateline, and Incline Village


The Flood Watch continues for

* Portions of east central California and western Nevada,
  including the following areas, in east central California,
  Greater Lake Tahoe Area and Mono County. In western Nevada,
  Greater Lake Tahoe Area.

* From Thursday morning through late Thursday night

* Occasional light rain will continue today with streams running
  high. Another period of heavy rain is expected Thursday
  afternoon and Thursday night with even higher flows and more
  flooding possible. Areas where snow has clogged drainage paths
  may remain flooded for longer periods of time. Rock and mud
  slides may also impact travel.

* The highest risk of flooding is along creeks, streams, and
  poor drainage areas.
Boreal Mountain Resort today with rain falling. Image: @jake_tahoe

California Storm Impact On Resorts:

  • Delayed Opening & Limited Operations At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
  • Limited Operations At Boreal Mountain Resort
  • Limited Operations At Kirkwood
  • Limited Operations At Heavenly
  • Lower Mountain Operations Only At Mammoth Mountain Today
  • Limited Operations At Northstar
  • Limited Operations At Sugar Bowl
  • Limited Operations At Sierra-at-Tahoe
WET at Kirkwood Today. Image: Kirkwood Facebook Page


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