2 Fatal Shark Attacks in 6 Days in Western Australia:

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Shark Attack! PC: CNN

According to BBC News, a 60-year-old female diver has died after being attacked by a shark, the second such attack off western Australia in six days. The women suffered injuries that were consistent with a shark attack according to police. A boat crew that arrived to help the injured women said that the shark was longer than their 5.5m (18ft) vessel. This attack is the most recent of the two and it took place on Sunday morning at Mindarie between One and Three-Mile Reefs, off the city of Perth, Australia.

A 43-year-old man who was diving with the woman, who has not been named, told police he felt something go past him and when he surfaced he saw a “commotion in the water”.

Shark attack victim was airlifted! PC: BBC

A second shark attack occurred on Tuesday, in which 29-year-old surfer Ben Gerring was attacked by a shark and died of his injuries on Friday night. On Thursday, a 4.2m (14ft) great white shark was captured near Mandurah, but it is not known if this shark was to blame for the attack on the surfer. Surf Lifesaving Western Australia reportedly issued a warning before that attack, after an unidentified species of shark was seen in the area. Beaches have been closed due to these two attacks that occurred in the same area throughout a six day period.

The locations of the shark attacks! PC: BBC

The two shark attacks occurred within a few miles of each other, which is concerning for individuals that are entering the waters in that area.

Shark attacks are few and far between!
Surprising, but facts don’t lie!

Please don’t forget that shark attacks are very rare.  Humans reportedly kill 100 million sharks per year.  Sharks kill about 5 humans per year.

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