“Not Your Average Storm” Blankets Las Vegas, NV with Record Snowfall

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Las Vegas, record snow
Record snow in Vegas. Credit: John Locher, AP

A winter storm that swept through the Southwest and brought a rare snowfall to the Las Vegas Strip and the mountains above Malibu in California pounded north-central Arizona with record amounts, reports My San Antonio

Residents in northern Arizona will be digging out from what the National Weather Service characterized as “not your average” storm.

“It is by no means over for us,” said meteorologist Mark Stubblefield in Flagstaff. “It’s still dangerous to travel.”

Las Vegas, record snow
The famous city covered in a blanket of snow. Credit: John Locher, AP

The 3-inches that settled in Las Vegas is a record for this time of year, said the NWS. Flagstaff on Thursday had a new single-day snowfall record of 35.9 inches, and Phoenix on Thursday set a record for the day with 1.01 inch of rain.

Not wanting to miss a unique opportunity, a snowman was built near the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

flagstaff, arizona, snowfall
Residents clear snow in Flagstaff, AZ. Credit: Felicia Fonseca, AP

Authorities closed portions of the main routes from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and Phoenix because of snow, ice, and limited visibility.

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