Red Bull Fathom: 3 Athletes, 3 Sports, and 1 Feature at Mammoth Mountain, CA

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Carson Storch, Ben Ferguson, and Tyler Bereman ride at Red Bull Fathom in Mammoth Lakes, California, USA on April 13, 2023. | Credit: Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain

MAMMOTH LAKES, Calif. – Red Bull athletes Ben Ferguson, Carson Storch, and Tyler Bereman have come together to emphasize style in a daring mid-air, three-sport, three-trick feat at Mammoth Mountain. A statement of creativity and simplicity, Red Bull Fathom grasps the vision of these style kings on a level never seen before.

The 24-foot high faces and 85-foot long combined hip transfer and tabletop feature, built by Frank Wells and the famed Mammoth Unbound Terrain Park team, was initially discussed between freeride snowboarder Ferguson and freeride mountain biker Storch, fathoming what it would be like to go big together on the same feature side-by-side on snow and dirt. Once the Bend, Ore. natives had their vision, they caught up with Bereman at Red Bull Rampage, who had a similar revelation earlier that winter after riding a snowcat with Wells building a snowboard halfpipe, seeing the 20-foot snow transition made him ask himself “could my motocross bike scale the snow halfpipe walls?” 

Credit: Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain

The creator of Red Bull Imagination, Bereman, along with his signature freeride style and aligned approach complemented the feat and the three of them didn’t look back. Red Bull Fathom was born.

From competing in contests throughout their career that only rewarded spins and flips, the trio returned to their roots for Red Bull Fathom at Mammoth Mountain. Splitting through the middle of Ferguson’s signature high amplitude method and Storch’s daring mid-air whip is Bereman’s classic whip across an 80-foot gap, airing towards his fellow Red Bull athletes.

The brainchildren of going big, and creating platforms for their sports like Red Bull Imagination, Red Bull Recharged and appearing in some of the biggest events in their sports like Red Bull Rampage and Red Bull Joyride, culminated into this style-first moment as the sun rose over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the three of them took flight. 

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Carson Storch, Ben Ferguson, and Tyler Bereman at Red Bull Fathom. | Credit: Peter Credit Morning/Mammoth Mountain

BEN FERGUSON, professional snowboarder

“Every time Carson and I were at an inspiring event like a Red Bull Rampage or something similar and we could catch up with Tyler Bereman and hang out and we would start just brainstorming back and forth. We’ve discussed this a bunch over these creative and freeride events and soon after we came up with the idea and Red Bull Fathom was born. I’m so stoked we were able to make it happen and see our vision become a reality.”

CARSON STORCH, professional freeride mountain biker

“Red Bull Fathom is incredible. This is a dream idea. Being able to incorporate our sports in one moment is surreal. Bereman has come to many events, like big mountain biking events and doing some side-by-side stuff, so there’s history there, but being able to do it on snow with him and Ben was pretty tough until we put this all together. It’s so unique to do all of this on snow and hats off to Frank Wells and the Mammoth crew for putting this crazy idea into a reality.”

TYLER BEREMAN, professional freeride motocross rider

“This is a great collaboration between Ben, Carson and myself. They had a sick idea to do a dirt side and a snow side of a hip double feature, and I kind of had an idea of sitting with Frank Wells as he was carving a snowboard superpipe and just kind of had this idea of all of us riding on snow and incorporating other action sports in with it. So I think their idea of the original here morphed into what it is, and then I think we’re just scratching the surface with Red Bull Fathom here at Mammoth Mountain.”

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