VIDEO: Red Bull Drops Latest Fabio Wibmer Edit | Some Insane Mountain Biking in this Clip

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After teasing a 30-second clip a week ago, Red Bull just dropped the full edit from Fabio Wibmer, entitled ‘Fabiolous Escape 2’, an incredibly intense short film which sees Wibmer dropping out of a helicopter and shredding down the slopes of the Austrian Alps.

“The hardest part was the jump from the helicopter,” Wibmer told Red Bull. “I had to jump down 7-8 meters [23-26 feet] for a clear landing. That’s damn high and I really had to overcome myself because I’ve never done anything like that.”

Fabio wibmer, biking, red bull, helicopter
Heli-biking, the latest craze. Credit: Fabio Wibmer

He also gets pursued by police, does risky flips, jumps over skiers, rides a makeshift zip line and attaches himself to a paraglider to eventually float away.

An awesome 10-minute watch. Is this guy the biking equivalent of Candide Thovex?

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