Red Bull Spices Up Poor Boyz Movie: Tracing Skylines | Seth Morrison, Sean Petit, Pep Fujas

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This movie looks unreal.  Morrison in AK, Sean Petit in B.C., Bobby Brown in the park, Julien Regnier in Chamonix, and Karl Fostvedt in Detroit?  Sick.

Red Bull Media House appears to have really stepped up Poor Boyz game.  Red Bull is doing the same with Matchstick Productions right now.  Heck, Red Bull is just blowing up the action sports world right now.  Where would we be without Red Bull?

Red Bull sent skiers on 6 separate and very distinct trips to make this movie pop.  The documented each trip thoroughly and this trailer is what we get to see of it for now.

Clearly, this is a step for Poor Boyz movies and we are going to be the beneficiaries.  

Tracing Skylines
Tracing Skylines

Every skier knows what it’s like to call a few friends, pack up, and head out for a trip. Rather than spend another winter chasing storms, six of the top pros and their closest pals embark on their own interpretations of a “trip of a lifetime,” taking them deep into new and uncharted territory:

  • Sean Pettit ventures further in his home turf of British Columbia with Pep Fujas.
  • Seth Morrison pinpoints a remote Alaska lighthouse to use as a home base, where he launches a helicopter expedition and finds fresh terrain to attack.
  • Karl Fostvedt takes urban skiing to a whole new level by spending his time searching for the perfect jib, drops and jumps amidst the concrete jungle that is Detroit.
  • Julien Regnier is found trekking the grueling 180km (110 mile) historic high alpine route between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland.
  • Finally, Bobby Brown brings the crew back together for a spring session to wrap a season that won’t soon be forgotten.

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