Red Bull VIDEO: Has Skiing Been Pushed Too Far? | “La Liste”

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Has skiing been pushed too far?

Is Red Bull the one pushing it there?

“Swiss skier Jérémie Heitz is on a mission.

He selected 15 of the most beautiful peaks of the Alps that he’ll re-ski to illustrate the evolution of steep skiing over a decade.

We’re talking about real extreme skiing here – where the slightest mistake means you’ll end up as mincemeat at the bottom of the face. Many of those have never been skied after the first descent – so what he’s planning ain’t an easy feat…” – Red Bull

Jérémie Heitz skiing for the film "La Liste". photo: red bull
Jérémie Heitz skiing for the film “La Liste”. photo: red bull

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3 thoughts on “Red Bull VIDEO: Has Skiing Been Pushed Too Far? | “La Liste”

  1. The freedom to do what you believe is possible is why we all go out there and enjoy our sport whether it’s an easy cruise through the trees or the north face of Triolet… things evolve and that is GOOD.
    We need athletes to push the boundaries….

  2. Goddam they are beautiful slopes.
    It’s in the nature of man to push limits and in skiing the evolution has been rapid in the last 15 years.
    Free choice of risk taking is a luxury, it is the definition of our western freedoms.
    May he enjoy what he attempts.

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