RED Mountain Resort, BC, Report – A Week of Firm Fast Fun Groomers, But Fresh Snow is Coming…

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Credit: SnowBrains

The lack of snow the last few days has given us an excuse to explore the groomers at RED Mountain Resort, BC.

The dry spell was accompanied by a cold snap, making many tree and bump areas bulletproof and judder-y to ski.

No worries, though; the wide variety of terrain at RED means you’ll always find something great to ski⸺whatever the weather and conditions.

Long groomers. Credit: SnowBrains

The firmness of the snow has meant the groomers have been fast, firm, and super fun this week. The lack of crowds at RED means you can carve huge GS turns across the slope without worrying about who else is around.

Southern Comfort, Ruby Tuesday, and Southern Belle off the Paradise chair were all delightful. Even the mellower Rino’s Run, Silver Sheep, and Sourdough Alley had us picking up a decent speed.

Main Run from the top of Granite to the base is a quad and lung-busting almost 3,000 vertical feet of winding trails, and when the visibility is perfect and it’s fresh corduroy, it could be one of my favorite runs at the resort.

Credit: SnowBrains

Back Trail off Red Mountain, although not as long as Main Run, is quick and wide enough for carving out more wide turns to the base.

We spent Monday morning lapping the Topping Chair, ticking off blue runs. This was the coldest day of our season yet, and the short run down meant we had more lift rides to warm up our fingers and toes, but the runs were freshly groomed, firm corduroy, and fast, featuring fun rollovers that can launch you if you catch them just right.


Current conditions. Credit: RED


Snow’s coming! Credit: RED


Credit: SnowBrains
Credit: SnowBrains
Credit: SnowBrains
Credit: SnowBrains

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