Regional Victoria, Australia, Given Some Freedom Again

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Alpine Resorts of Victoria, Australia open again. Credit: Mount Hotham Resort Management, Facebook.

After a long winter of lockdowns and freedom being taken away from the people of Victoria, Australia, they are finally able to have a little more recreational activity again. Well, that is if they are from regional Victoria. Regional Victorians are allowed to visit alpine areas as of September 17, 2020.

The COVID-19 situation in regional Victoria has been held at ransom over the last couple of months with the lockdown in the state’s capital, Melbourne, despite very low numbers in regional areas. Regional Victoria has been granted a break and is moving to fewer restrictions following the announcement by the State’s Premier Daniel Andrews.

The ski resorts are open for business, but all of the snow has melted so… mountain biking or hiking anyone? These areas are beautiful.

Visitors to the alpine resorts must pre-book their arrivals, although resorts are offering complimentary resort entry. Usually, resorts require entry fees to enter the national park areas of alpine Victoria. With resorts still required to operate under COVIDSafe plans. For example, people over the age of 12 must wear face covers, also known as MASKS.

It has been a long and tough time for the regional Victoria, with the bush fires which shut down the areas in early 2020. Then Covid-19 delaying operations. Buller staying open for 44-days, Hotham and Falls Creek for a total of 4 days…

Businesses have suffered, people are scared and many still may lose their businesses. But this is a welcome relief for many that things can get moving again.

There is up to date health information with the situation evolving from the Victorian Government.  

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