[VIDEO] Relax With This Mesmerizing Powder Edit and Chilled Out Soundtrack

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Ski videos don’t always have to be fast charging, full send with heavy metal, or EDM soundtrack. Sometimes a more chill vibe and mellow pillows, trees, and powder turns are required to help you relax.

Chill out to this laid-back ski edit with a soothing soundtrack. Watch the first ten mesmerizing minutes, then tell me you’re not in a better mood…

1 Hour of ski music to relaxing powder ski footage, all shot in the backcountry. Filmed and skied by Dan Noakes. If you need your skiing fix at home, at the office, or hanging out with friends, chill and relax to this mix of lo-fi hip hop while watching relaxing powder ski POV footage.

This video includes 1 hour of relaxing backcountry powder skiing footage. Watch the whole thing, or have it playing in the background.

Mesmerizing ski footage that will make you feel like you are skiing right beside me.

This chillhop and lofi hip-hop mix was all filmed during the winter of 2021/2022 in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado.

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