Reno City Council has Just Adopted the City’s First Official Flag Following a Public Competition

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The new flag officially adopted by RCC. Credit: Provided to the RGJ, City of Reno

In celebration of its 150th birthday, Reno City Council just adopted its first official city flag, reports the RGJ.

After several months, more than 2,000 designs, and 5,000 public votes it was adopted unanimously. Of the five design choices, the dark blue flag with circular sunset, mountains, Truckee River and silver band with a star in the corner was selected as No. 2 by both the public and the Reno Arts Commission, which the council preferred.

Though a previous flag has been flown off and on since 1959, it was never adopted by officially in a city ordinance.

This new flag incorporates the three mountain peaks surrounding the city, the star that represents the Reno Arch (which is actually a snowflake, according to the original designers of the arch), blue skies, the silver of the area’s industries and the Truckee River through the center.

Michael DeMartino was awarded $2,000 for first place by the Reno Arts and Culture Commission. Local man Tucker Stosic, whose design was made official, was awarded $1,000 for second place. Deitrik Reed was awarded $500 for third place.

Check out the full article for a slideshow of flags not chosen.

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