Resorts Open for Riding in the Southern Hemisphere Right Now

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Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand,
Mt. Hutt, NZ just opened with snow galore! Credit: awe365

As the northern hemisphere winds up their winter season, in the southern hemisphere winter is just kicking off. More and more resorts are opening every week.

Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand, Australia
Snowmaking at Perisher, Australia. Credit: onthesnow

Mt. Hutt, one of New Zealand’s highest resorts, opened this weekend with one of its snowiest openings in recent memory. 2000 skiers turned out to the opening day on Friday where they had the triple chairlift turning on the first day of the season for the first time in more than 20 years.

Snowboarders at Afriski. Image:

The weather isn’t being as kind to Australia though as New Zealand, so although resorts are open they only have a dusting of snow, relying mainly on the man-made white stuff. Perisher just opened, whilst Thredbo remains closed.

Resorts open in New Zealand / Australia

  • Falls Creek Alpine Resort, AUS
  • Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort, AUS
  • Mt. Buller, AUS
  • Mt. Hotham, AUS
  • Perisher, AUS
  • Manganui Ski Area, NZ
  • Mt. Hutt Ski Area, NZ
  • The Remarkables, NZ
Tiffindell. Image: First Tracks Online

Skiing is also underway in the African southern hemisphere, with two resorts open right now. Afriski in Lesotho and Tiffendell, South Africa both have lifts turning.

Resorts open in Africa

  • Afriski, Lesotho
  • Tiffindell, South Africa

In South America, next weekend promises to be the one to keep an eye on, with a multitude of resorts promising an opening bonanza. 

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