Return of the Pow in Jackson Hole!!

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Return of the Pow! Rider: Ryan VanLanen

After 2 weeks of dry air in Jackson Hole mother nature is bringing back the POW! The past few days have been fantastic with a nice coat of fresh paint covering the Teton area. Jackson Hole resort has seen a foot of snow in the last 48 hours with promise of more in the forecast!

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If it’s not going to snow it may as well be beautiful out!

The 2 weeks prior to the last few days there was not much to talk about. Temps and solar zapped most terrain in the area on all aspects. Groomers we riding well, and if you timed it right there was good corn snow to be found. Then it snowed!

The end of the day was holding much promise for tomorrow.
The end of the day was holding much promise for tomorrow.

Yesterday started with 6 inches and a good amount of wind that pushed the snow around. Riding was good considering it was the first snow in weeks, although a very crusty under layer could be felt on all aspects. Anywhere you could find a smooth underneath was awesome riding!

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Break in the clouds after the first snow in weeks! Rider Ryan VanLanen

Today was much better, 6 more inches fell overnight and the crust layer under the new snow got covered up pretty well. There are still the oh s**t moguls lurking that will give you a little surprise, but all in all the skiing was really good, and with the snow turning on harder as the day went on turns kept getting better and better!!!

Back to storm riding in Jackson!!

With snow in the forecast everyday this week Jackson is once again the place to be!!!



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