Revelstoke B.C., LENGENDARY Opening Weekend, Two Pow Days in a Row

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This picture speaks for itself...
This picture speaks for itself…

Revelstoke opened on Saturday and it was insane. 

The first two runs off the Stoke chair we’re basically heliskiing…let’s just say one did not have to suffer the indignation of crossing any other tracks.

The report Saturday was 18 cms, but egnormous gnorm the powder gnome was basically covered, so it was kind of an underreport. 

Sunday was 14 cms. Gnorm was up to his chest. And the crowds we’re much lighter. Sunday was definitely the day.

The base is like mid-winter. Hardly hit any rocks the whole day. Creek beds are a different story…

The whole upper mountain was essentially open, save a few spots. You could basically ski everything off the Ripper and Stoke chairs, but had to download the gondola at the end of the day.

Photo Tour:

Kill the Banker needs about 50 more cms before it goes off:

kill the banker dec. 4 2016

This was RIGHT under the Stoke chair as I was going up Saturday. Needless to say, the rest of the mountain was spotlight on that fine morning:

stoke chair revelstoke

People camping out starting the night before:

camping out revelstoke

The line right before the Gondola opened:


The forecast for the next ten days is cold temps and consistent light snowfall, just the way we like it here in Revelstoke. This should fill in the half of the mountain that isn’t open yet but is about to go off:

PC: Opensnow
PC: Opensnow

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One thought on “Revelstoke B.C., LENGENDARY Opening Weekend, Two Pow Days in a Row

  1. Definitely a rad pow day… but mid winter base?!? Come on… this isn’t the Rockies! 😛 Average base for opening day on the extreme upper mountain; lower than normal base for opening on the “lower upper mountain” (ie: base of stoke chair).
    KTB needs at least 1m more snow to be rip-able… but never gets to that point because people ride it and track it out before it gets deep enough to send the big ones.
    Hopefully it’s a chilly winter like forecasted so mid-mountain gets hammered… some of the best lift lapable terrain exits there (gnarnia, cpg, etc) but on a warm winter the crowds get concentrated on the stoke.
    Insane lineups but it was still worth it.

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