Revelstoke, BC Conditions Report: Shocker Powder Day

Olivier Denis-Larocque | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Skier slashing deep powder Revelstoke
White smoky afternoon. image: Phil Lester (@philblester_photo) 

As I woke up from a long slumber, I peered through the foggy window at a lonesome madrone tree and noticed massive cones of powdery snow atop its leaves. I could clearly remember the lack of considerable snowfall on yesterday’s forecast. Yet again, I was caught in a surprise snowstorm.

Welcome to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia, Canada: land of blinding pillows, spine-chilling cliffs, and shocker powder days.

Skier slashing through powder in Revelstoke
Phil recovering from a hard send. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

Needless to say, it was deep today. With 15cm of new snow overnight and 19cm in the last 48 hours, the conditions were pristine. Temperatures sat at -7C with moderate winds in the alpine, tapering off at treeline. The thick clouds were hovering just below the top of Mount MacKenzie (2459m), providing adequate visibility throughout the day.

Phil and I hurried off the chair as we saw a pilgrimage of powder devotees racing up the Lemming Line, a hiking route leading to gnarly lines. After conquering the short hike, we dropped into Lower North Bowl through a mellow chute below the Drop-In.

Boy, were we in for a treat! The snow was buttery soft as we lay fresh tracks in remote areas of the bowl.

skier jumping in revelstoke
Phil sending it on run #1. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

We skied to the Ripper Chair spotting drops and pillow lines along the way.

Skier jumping off knob revelstoke
Hero snow. image: Phil Lester(@philblester_photo)

We spent the afternoon exploring the Back 40 Glades, finding fresh features every four turns or so.

Skier looking down on line in Revelstoke
Phil gazing down at his line. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

It’s settled: Revelstoke’s terrain is hazardous and labyrinthine, but incredibly rewarding.

It’s worth noting longtime locals still find new lines to this day.


image: Revelstoke Mountain Resort


image: Revelstoke Mountain Resort


Skier looking down on line
Phil looking down at the next pillow drop. image: Olivier-Denis-Larocque
Revelstoke British Columbia weather
Typical Revelstoke weather. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque
skier looking out into the Selkirks
Phil enjoying the view of the Selkirks. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

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