Revelstoke, BC Report: 5,620-Vertical-Feet Of Fun

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Freddy freshies. image: snowbrains

Report from December 11th, 2019

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Wednesday was our last full day at Revelstoke, BC and we didn’t plan to waste it.

The weather was cool, cloudy, and foggy at times.

The untouched snow was fluffy and fun. 

Oli dropping in. image: snowbrains

Oli & Freddy took us out again and showed us the goods.

The groomers were ripping fast but the visibility was a bit low so we decided to do some slower tree skiing.

The trees were damn fun.

Oli gettig stoked. image: snowbrains

We then walked over to a little chute and skied it in a whiteout and it was a hoot.

Back to the groomers and ripping fast.

The clouds had lifted a bit and the on-piste skiing at Revy is simply splendid.

Erica on the 5,620-vertical-foot home run. image: snowbrains

The best is when you’re ready to call it for a day and you get to rip a 5,620-vertical-foot run while weaving in and out of your buddies all the way down.

Revelstoke it tough to beat.

Darn tough to beat.

Into the mist. image: snowbrains


image: revelstoke, 12/13/19


image: revelstoke, 12/13/19


Happy Freddy. image: snowbrains
Headed up. image: snowbrains
Heads up. image: snowbrains
Revy trees. image: snowbrains
In the throat of it. image: snowbrains

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