Revelstoke, BC Report: Big Mountains, Big Powder, Incredible Access

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Miles’ first turn in some great terrain. image: Beyond Our Peak

Report from December 8th, 2019

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We arrived in Revelstoke, BC last on Saturday night after our last day at Sol Mountain Lodge.

Revy put us up right at the bottom of the mountain (thanks, Revy!) and the sunrise from our window on Sunday morning was a gorgeous display of rugged, alpenglow-ed, Monashee mountains.

Revy has seen 117″ of snow this season already and 27″ of snow in the past 7-days.

Georges ripping one in the outback. image: snowbrains

We started the day ripping groomers off the Stoke chair.

The groomers were immaculate.

Perfectly buffed out, smooth, fast, predictable, fun.

The weather was foggy but with decent visibility most of the time.

Miles in there. image: Beyond Our Peak

After a handful of screamin’ groomers, we decided to slip into the legendary Revelstoke backcountry.

We cruised out and dropped into a dream world.

The terrain is simply stunning here.

Happy team! image: snowbrains

Huge cliff-lined couloirs, sky-scrapping peaks, trees shooting out of seemingly impossible locations, big walls, and pillows everywhere…

We took out time, discussed every scenario we could think of, then relished good powder on stellar terrain.

We took it our line deep and down.

Stunning terrain here. image: snowbrains

Way down.

So far down we ended up in the Giant Cedar trees.

The Giant Cedar trees are exquisite and you can feel their life and age flowing out of them.

We climbed up the Giant Cedars into the pines, into the Alpine, and back into Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

We were then treated to a 5,000+ vertical-foot run (the longest vertical drop in North America) back down to the base and back into our hotel room.

The Stoke Chair. image: snowbrains


image: revelstoke, 12/9/19


image: revelstoke, 12/9/19


Oli in the white out. image: snowbrains
Room with a view. image: snowbrains
Oli on the way up. image: snowbrains
A bit foggy up on the Stoke. image: snowbrains

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