Revelstoke BC, Report: Relentless Powder. “It Just Won’t Stop Snowing!”

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Cliff, Revelstoke, Sending
Dalton absolutely laying down the law on this hit. Photo: Peter Craigen

The snow just wouldn’t stop falling.

The last week at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC has been one for the books. With over 566cm or 222 inches of snowfall this year, this could become one of the snowiest years in the resort’s young history.

Revelstoke Interactive Snowfall Totals. Credit:

Look at Revelstoke’s Interactive Historical Snowfall Totals Here

Over 96 cm of snow has fallen in the last 7 days. This has made for some of the best ski days anyone has had so far in 2020. It is a happy new year indeed.

Revelstoke Snow Report. Credit:
Cliff, Revelstoke, Sending
More snow = more sending. Photo: Colin Williams

Revelstoke also has one of the biggest snowpacks in all of North America with 214cm or 85 inches and growing. 

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Snow Ghosts. Photo: Peter Craigen

A big base means the classics are starting to fill in for sending and that is exactly what we did. 

Cliff, Revelstoke, Sending
Pillows! Photo: Colin Wiliiams

Revelstoke is also the kind of place where 5cm of “reported” overnight snowfall will easily ski like 15-20cm. Between wind-loading and zone closures for avalanche control, you might get lucky even when the numbers look small.

It was deep out there alright. Photo: Peter Craigen

Each day we got luckier with timing. It seemed as though the hard-working patrol team was just waiting for us to get to the top of the Stoke Chair before opening a new section of the mountain.

Hiking up the Lemming Line on our second hike of the day. Photo: Peter Craigen

The snow was light, fluffy, and seemingly endless. Of our 4 days, each seemed to bring at least 10cm of the good stuff. With the wind loading in North Bowl, it felt more like we were skiing 20cm or more.

More Pillows. Less Problems. Photo: Colin Williams

We found the best snow between North Bowl, Greeley Notch, and Grassius Ridge. Patrol was hard at work for the last week bombing and making sure to only open when things were safe enough to ski.

Sending it in Three Bears. Photo: Colin Williams

For those thinking about heading to Revy in the near future, don’t fret. There is even more snow on the way.

Revelstoke Forecast. January 5, 2019. Credit:


The Stoke Chair in the late afternoon: Photo: Peter Craigen
The Park Crew has been hard at work this year digging out features. They just finished building two large jumps. Photo: Peter Craigen
More snow. This was probably 200 metres from the chair. Photo: Colin Williams
A rare break in the clouds. Photo: Peter Craigen
Colin Williams slicing through fresh pow in North Bowl. Photo: Peter Craigen
Cliff, Revelstoke, Sending, A6ENCY
The A6ENCY boys were sending everything in sight.
Cliff, Revelstoke, Sending
Matt Crawford floating a 360 capped with a blunt grab. Photo: Peter Craigen
Cliff, Revelstoke, Sending
Cam Keith lays a quick backy. Photo: Peter Craigen
Skiing back into the resort. Photo: Peter Craigen
Deciding where to find the best pow. Photo: Peter Craigen
Blake Cameron kicking up some snow. Photo: Peter Craigen
Colin Williams getting sideways. Photo: Peter Craigen
Cliff, Revelstoke, Sending
Cannon Ball. Photo: Colin Williams

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