Revelstoke, BC Report: The Biggest Vertical, Plenty of Powder, & Heart-Racing Groomers

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Freddy shifty. image: snowbrains

Report from December 10th, 2019

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On Tuesday, we zipped 5,620-vertical-feet up Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC and ripped a few groomers in the morning.

The runs here are long, steep, and very fast right now.

There must be 10 roll-overs per run making for a wildly fun, repeatedly weightless experience.

After getting some high-speed thrills, we dip into the backcountry for a run.

The untouched snow is still immaculate here at Revelstoke due to cold temps, low winds, and very little sunlight this time of year.

The snow on every aspect is great.

Freddy ripping groomers in the magic light. image: snowbrains

We dropped it, jumped around on mini-pillows, slashed snow in the trees down low, then hopped from log to log down low.

The coverage down low is still thin making all the downed logs spicy, techy, & kinda fun.

Back to the resort for some sunset laps off the Stoke Chair.

Up! image: snowbrains

The light was special: sharp, high-angle, intoxicating.

We cranked lap after lap on the Stoke but ended up finding our favorite inbounds run down below the stoke.

A tree-cut run with low amplitude bumps and chalky snow got us all fired up on the way down.

Stoke Chair. image: snowbrains

Ripping that 5,620-vertical-foot run at the end of the day is most certainly a thriller.

There just isn’t much better than Revelstoke in December.

Vistas from the bottom of the Stoke chair. image: snowbrains


image: revelstoke, 12/12/19


image: revelstoke, 12/12/19


Amazing light here this time of year. image: snowbrains
Freddy & Big Mac. image: snowbrains
Birthday Chute. image: snowbrains
Stoke Chair. image: snowbrains
Mt. Mackenzie. image: snowbrains
Vistas. image: snowbrains
Headed to the Stoke Chair. image: snowbrains
The views are wild here. image: snowbrains

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