Revelstoke, BC Report: The Longest Vertical Drop in North America = 5,620-Vertical-Feet

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Ripping under the Stoke chair. image: erica good/snowbrains

Report from December 9th, 2019

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Yesterday was one of those special days at Revelstoke, BC.

Sunshine, light winds, warm (for here! 25ºF), no one out, and those who were out were smiling ear to ear.

We ripped lap after lap in the sunshine on the Stoke Chair and couldn’t stop gaping at the view.

The vistas here are simply epic.

Gorgeous evening light. image: erica good/snowbrains

The groomers are very fast right now in this great cold, compact snow.

After a few laps on the Stoke, we’d drop from the top of the Stoke Chair to the bottom of the mountain via 5,620-vertical-feet of skiing.

The longest vertical drop of any ski resort in North America.

The run is so long, it feels like it takes about 10+ minutes just to get from top to bottom and leaves you thrilled and excited about a rest in the gondola that takes you 3,839-vertical-feet back up to the Stoke Chair to go even higher.

We did 3 top-to-bottom runs yesterday because they were simply so damn fun.

It was neat to see what a great mood everyone was in here yesterday.

Lonely groomers… image: erica good/snowbrains

This place is special and extremely special this time of year.

The sun is only rising 16.2º above the horizon right now making for epic “evening light” all day.

The way the light hits the mountain completely changes every 30 minutes.

It’s a gorgeous time of year to be here.

No one out 🙂 . image: erica good/snowbrains


image: revelstoke, 12/10/19


image: revelstoke, 12/10/19

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