Review: TGR’s Dreamy 25th Anniversary Film ‘Make Believe’

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Kai Jones Backflipping in Japan. Credit: Teton Gravity Research.

The air is chilling off in North America and that means two things: winter is coming and it is time to get stoked for winter activities.

Teton Gravity Research (TGR) celebrates 25 years with the film ‘Make Believe’ capturing present athletes with a nod to the roots of the company. The love for extreme snow sports and the personalities that shape ski culture are captured in this year’s flick.

The film has a diverse range of skiing destinations from TGR’s home Jackson Hole to Japan, Colorado, British Colombia, and Montana. But there is more to the movie than the places and the lines. The movie grabs at the heartstrings of the viewer and teaches them how to dream. Everyone dreams. How chasing dreams may just become a reality. Chasing a sense of purpose, life intertwined with the mountain lifestyle.

The athletes from all around the world and are celebrated in a way that draws the viewer into their story. With the movie boasting a world-class line up of freeriders including Sammy Carlson, Tim Durtschi, Nick McNutt, Caite Zeliff, Griffin Post, Sam Smoothy, Colter Hinchliffe, Kai Jones, and more.

While the movie captures impressive big lines, the meaning seems to be deeper than the copious amounts of powder the athletes charge through. The directors’ Steve Jones, Todd Jones, and Jon Klaczkiewicz, include footage from the past, featuring legends of years gone. As if to acknowledge where they have come from and the awesome things TGR has been able to capture over their first quarter-century.

Shooting film in Japan. Credit: Teton Gravity Research.

The ethos of “live the dream” has defined TGR adventures over the years, with this film it is no different. It stokes the fire in the belly and gets snow lovers ready for the winter to come. With the sense of mountain community, friendship, and personal determination strong.

TGR’s co-founder Steve Jones says ‘Make Believe’ is whatever your wildest imagination can dream up with an unwavering commitment to the dream in order to make it a reality. 

“Ultimately it has been in the works for 25 years. Realizing all-time conditions in almost every location this past season, Make Believe showcases some of the most progressive athletes and riding on the planet. We are pumped to kick off winter with innovative worldwide screenings at locations such as Drive-Ins, Outdoor Pop-up Theaters, private screenings, and more.”

‘Make Believe’ can be seen through TGR’s film tour, on TGR’s new streaming platform, Apple TV or Google Play.

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