Would You Ride a Spinning Snow Tunnel?

SwellBrains | | SurfSurf

Would you wanna ride this spinning tunnel?  We would.  It looks pretty fun and weird.  It might get old after a few days, but the first few rides would be a kick.

We aren’t sure, but we think maybe these guys are trying to sell these things?  Can’t be cheap, but could be a fun thing for ski resorts to buy and have as a pay per ride gig at the bottom of the hill.  We’d definitely throw a few bucks at it.

This thing certainly wouldn’t work on skis, but on a snowboard, it looks like it would have it’s moments.  There are a couple of clips in here where the guy is fully pumping down the line like surfing and even rips a few solid bottom turns.

No Lifts No Mountain No Snow No Worries The SnowTunnel – thesnowtunnel



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