RIP Josh Wirta, TGR Co-Lab Finalist and Ripping Young Skier

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25-year old TGR Co-Lab finalist Josh Wirta lost his battle against bone cancer this month.  Josh was a ripping skier from Greenwater, WA, the town just before you get to Crystal Mountain ski resort.

Josh Virta
Josh Wirta

Josh skied well and lived well and we’re devastated to hear of his passing.  Here are some kind words from his friends.

Our Freeride Community has lost an incredible young man. Josh Wirta’s battle with cancer came to an end yesterday. Josh was our longest tenured coach. He was with us from the start and even in his passing, he will always be with us. Josh’s skiing was unsurpassed by anyone on the hill. He was truly a well rounded athlete. He owned every contest he entered from Big Mountain to Big Air and was the most approachable pro I’ve ever met. Most skiers of his talent are so wrapped up in their own pursuits, they have little time to pass on their skills to young riders. But not Josh. He not only embraced working with young athletes, he never turned down an opportunity to do so. And our riders loved him for it. He forged friendships and mentorships that changed NWF athletes on and off the hill. We have Mark Wirta, Josh’s father, to thank for dragging him up and down the hill to instill the passion that everyone saw while Josh skied. Thanks Mark. NWF wants to keep the memory of Josh Wirta alive, which shouldn’t be hard to do given how inspirational he was. We’ve already started to put together a scholarship in his honor and are looking at other ways to honor his memory and continue his legacy. Goodbye our friend. We’ll see you again some day.” – Wayne Grevey


When people say someone has lost their battle with cancer, I cringe. It implies that they have failed. Josh didn’t fail, he did everything but fail. He fought, he endured, he loved, he grew, he lived. Boy did he live. He knew how to be brave, how to be a friend, how to see every silver lining, how to push his own limits and step out of his comfort zone. He was one of the most amazing, inspiring people I’ve known. And he should’ve had a lot more time, but cancer doesn’t discriminate. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and to my darling Sierra. I can’t begin to imagine how painful this is. I hope you know how special and strong and loved you are.  “Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.” -Emily Dickinson – Karlee Kent


Josh i know we haven’t talked in years but you got me threw some of the hardest times in my life you were one amazing man and i owe you so much i just wish i could have seen you one more time wish i could have got one more hug wish i could have just been able to say goodbye and tell you that i love you bro just one more time you have touched me and i will never forget you love you my man rest it peace.” – Jordan Rothell

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