Rock Climbers Secure Cliffside Above Major Idaho Roadway

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Most people go rock climbing for fun but some do it as part of their job. Check out this group of climbers and their drilling rigs. For the last few months, they have been working to secure a cliff above a major roadway in central Idaho.

Rock climbers drilling
Photo: ITD

On July 4, 2020, a massive chunk of rock fell from a cliff above US Route 95 just south of Riggins, Idaho. In the weeks after there were multiple rockfalls that inhibited crews from working on the road. When work resumed crews rappelled down the cliff and knocked loose rocks to the ground. Drilling rigs were brought in to drill from the top of the bluff in order to set several large charges.

After almost four months of drilling, blasting, and removing loose rock crews are nearing the end of this major project. Now that all of the blasting is complete crews will finish removing rubel from the road and secure the cliff face. Once the cable netting and retaining devices are installed the final step is to rebuild the road, which got destroyed in the initial incident.

One of the large blasts along US Route 95.

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