Rossignol Launches HI-SPEED Boot Range

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2022/23 HI-SPEED ski boot. Credit: Rossignol

This week, Rossignol announced their brand new HI-SPEED ski boot line.

“Our experience meant that we had strong convictions from the very start of the project. This was a source of great reassurance for the R&D and design teams during 3 years of intensive work.”

-Pascal Roux, Marketing Director for Rossignol ski boots

Check out Rossignol’s full press release below:

HI-SPEED highlights – 

Rossignol is proud to launch its most advanced boot ever, the 2022/2023 HI-SPEED  boot range. HI-SPEED is designed from the ground up and infused with trickle-down technologies from Rossignol’s World Cup Race program.

Credit: Rossignol


Rossignol’s new high performance boot brings world cup race design and technology to every expert skier. Rossignol’s Generative Design is a hallmark of the new Dual Core Carbon shell. The 5-zone liner offers precise customization for an incredibly dialed fit. This all makes for a boot that can be easily customized, so that every skier can get the best performance from it.

Credit: Rossignol


This structure allows us to optimize material thicknesses in key zones; a more rigid lattice on the lower part of the shell and in the back of the cuff. Other zones optimize thickness to reduce the weight. The Generative Design perfectly combines with the Dual Core molding technology.


The first injection is made using Polyurethane reinforced with carbon fibers. This creates a very rigid structure that strengthens the lower part of the shell and helps it to remain stiff under flexion and torsion and dramatically increases the boot’s precision while minimizing weight.

The carbon in the HI-SPEED boot range. Credit: Rossignol


The DUAL CORE technology also helps to strengthen the inner side of the cuff to transfer energy and provide better support. In addition to Rossignol’s Dual Core molding technology, the design of the cuff’s hinge has been moved up 1.2cm and forward 1cm, when compared to the 21/22 ALL-SPEED boot. The higher hinge point comes from Rossignol’s race program and Hero boot line; moving the hinge forward better aligns it bio-mechanically and makes it more accessible in the less extreme angles of the average performance skier (versus a world cup athlete). By mechanically aligning the hinge at the front of the joint HI-SPEED offers easy access to power and excellent foot steering.

Asymmetric dual-core cuff design. Credit: Rossignol


The HI-SPEED liner has a special construction that allows a high level of thermoforming in the ankle bone, metatarsal (1st and 5th) and navicular zones to mold perfectly to the shape of the foot – while the rest of the structure retains its properties for perfect support. This ensures excellent support and therefore very high technical properties. The 5-Zone liner is pre-formed in each of the five thermoform zones and features a new seamless toe box that has been tested to resist heat loss 20% better than the previous stitched toe box. As part of the HI-SPEED launch, Rossignol brings a new True Form Molding machine to dealers that allows for three levels of customization and a new way of heating boots for thermoforming, simultaneously from both the inside and outside.

HI-SPEED boot liner. Credit: Rossignol

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