Russian Skier Killed & 4 Of His Friends Buried In An Avalanche At A Ski Resort In India Today

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Gulmarg, India huge avalanche from past.

According to Local Authorities, a Russian skier was killed and 4 of his friends were buried in an avalanche at Gulmarg Resort, India Today. The avalanche struck the skiers at the resort. Local police were able to safely rescue the 4 others and transport them to the hospital. At the time of the accident, there was an avalanche warning that was in place after heavy snowfall hit the area on Monday.

“An avalanche today triggered in Gulmarg hitting a group of foreign skiers,” a police spokesman said. “One Russian skier was killed, while four others in the group were rescued safely.”

Gulmarg, India

Gulmarg is a ski resort in the Kashmir region of India that is popular among powder skiers and backcountry skiers.  The ski resort tops out at over 13,000-feet.  Gulmarg is located in the Bar Baramula district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and is within miles of the famous Line of Control between India and Pakistan, the most militarized border on Earth.

The red pin marks the resort. Image: Google Maps

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