Sammy Carlson Signs With Armada Skis:

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Sammy Carlson sending it!

Sammy Carlson, an American freeskier that specializes in slopestyle competitions, has signed with Armada at the age of 26 after much speculation. Sammy has a decorated history with all of his amazing accomplishments. He took his first of many X-Games medals in 2007, landed the world’s first switch-triple rodeo in 2010, and has insane abilities when skiing in the backcountry.

Sammy Carlson.  photo:  espn
Sammy Carlson. photo: espn

The Armada Team is now frighteningly stacked holding:

  • Sammy Carlson
  • Tanner Hall
  • Tod Ligare
  • Henrik Harlaut
  • Jimmy Chin
  • Ian Provo
  • Torin Yater-Wallace
  • and more…
Sammy Carlson sending it on Armada Skis!

Sammy Carlson and Armada drew up the deal while filming Teton Gravity Research’s, “The Sammy C Project,” which took place over the course of two years.  The movie works to portray Sammy as a backcountry freeskier, despite his popularity in the slopestyle competition scene. He is working to expand his horizons and become a freeskier and he feels as though signing with Armada is a great way to do so.

“Skiing is an art, it’s a lifelong passion. Whatever you do, it’s all about the adventure. Skiing is what you make it,” Sammy Carlson told Armada.

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