Turn Your Smartphone Into A Satellite Messenger With BivyStick

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The BivyStick. Image: Gear Junkie

Bivy has launched a Kickstarter campaign introducing their new product, the BivyStick. The BivyStick is a two-way satellite communication device that links right to your smartphone, essentially turning the device you already own into a satellite phone and messenger. It will work as a GPS unit and will be able to send SMS messages as well as track and share location information. The device will also be able to access GPS maps and weather forecasts, and can contact EMS personnel in an emergency. The BivyStick will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or a cable, and also has the ability to recharge your phone.

Bivy is an app that allows users to find and share trails and routes for a number of outdoor activities. The idea sparked from the common lack of cellular service in remote and backcountry areas, and the high cost of purchasing a satellite phone. A satellite phone can cost anywhere from $600 to $1700 plus prepaid minutes. The BivyStick will cost only $299 with flexible data plans.

The features of the product. Image: Kickstarter

Creator Vance Cook saw importance in building the device around the Bivy app and the smartphone- two things that users are already familiar with. The BivyStick cannot replace common sense, careful route planning, necessary communication, and full preparation, but could be essential to helping others find your location and communicate in case of emergency. This device could be lifesaving.

Check out this video about the BivyStick!

The Kickstarter campaign will run through July 30th.

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