Say Hello to Schweitzer’s New Look

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New logo. Credit: Schweitzer

Schweitzer is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned logo and brand identity.

“Inspired by the history, culture, and community that is Schweitzer, the new logo is a celebration of our past, transformed into a modern symbol that reflects our future aspirations.”

– Tom Chasse, Schweitzer President & CEO

The new logo is the most recognizable element of Schweitzer’s brand and has been designed to recall history and the back-and-forth motion of descending a mountain. The Bavarian-inspired “S” consists of three balanced and symmetrical strokes that reflect the physical influences on the resort: the peak of Schweitzer’s summit, the flowing terrain, and the resort’s natural complement, Lake Pend Oreille. The logo is aligned on a 45° angle, recalling the blackletter crossbar of Schweitzer’s original 1963 logo.

Schweitzer’s new color palette reflects the spirit of the Schweitzer community – alive, vibrant, and radiant. The primary brand color green, selected for its impact and energy, is the dominant color for the new brand identity and represents Schweitzer’s connection to nature. Other high contrasting secondary colors of yellow and orange are inspired by the dynamic colors used in a wide range of outdoor wear, from retro-ski outfits to more modern mountain bike clothing and accessories.

Credit: Schweitzer

As part of the rebrand, Schweitzer will be simplifying the company name. Formally Schweitzer has operated as “Schweitzer Mountain Resort,” but going forward, the area will only use its simpler moniker, “Schweitzer” when referring to all aspects of the company’s ski and resort operations. The rebranding process also includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s logo, wordmark, graphics, website, village wayfinding system, and other communication tools, all of which reflect Schweitzer’s core ethos and identity. Schweitzer’s new brand identity will be rolled out progressively during the spring of 2021 and into 2022.

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