SCOTT Poles: Iconic Through the Years

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SCOTT Sports
SCOTT Sports began with the innovation of the ski pole. Credit: SCOTT Sports

SCOTT Sports: Sixty years ago Ed Scott revolutionized the sport of skiing with his innovation of the humble ski pole. At the time, Scott was an engineer and ski racer living in Sun Valley, Idaho. He began a new movement in design when he switched out the then industry standard, bamboo, for the more durable – aluminum. This innovative technology launched a new brand, SCOTT Sports.

The ski pole is a skier’s friend, assisting with turn initiation, maintaining balance, and helping to push through the flats. As the sport of skiing has progressed, SCOTT Sports has been right there at the forefront of innovation, technology, and design, creating ski poles to match all types of ski styles and terrain. 

SCOTT Poles: A Brief History

1958: Ed Scott revolutionized the design of the ski pole when he switched from the industry standard of bamboo to the durable aluminum.

1986: SCOTT opened the most sophisticated ski pole factory, in Italy, and became the global leader in ski pole production.

2000: SCOTT yet again advanced the ski pole with the innovation of the adjustable Leverlock ski pole strap system.

2018: SCOTT Sports pro athlete, Arianna Tricomi, won the Women’s Freeride World Tour

Choosing a Ski Pole

Choosing a ski pole is a matter of finding the right combination of features and construction to match your needs in skiing style and terrain. SCOTT Sports offers a variety of options for whatever and wherever you ski. There are a few key elements that distinguish one ski pole from another to ensure you are using the one that works best for you.

Best Use:

First off, consider the terrain you usually ski

  • Freeride
  • All Mountain
  • Touring/ Mountaineering
  • Mountain
  • Skiing


  • Aluminum: Lightweight and very durable.
  • Carbon: A bit lighter and offer great performance


SCOTT Sports offers a variety of ski poles with a variety of features, such as those listed below. In addition, they make poles specific for men, women, children. Below are some of the key features available.


  • SRS System
SCOTT Sports
SCOTT Sports SRS system (Strap Release System) Credit: SCOTT Sports

The SCOTT S.R.S (Strap Release System) is the next generation of safety technology in ski poles. The S.R.S system allows the strap to release from the grip of the pole in the sketchy situations to prevent injury.

  • Re-Entry System
SCOTT Sports
Allows you to easily adjust the straps Credit: SCOTT Sports

The SCOTT Re-Entry Strap System is a fast and easy-to-use strap length adjustment system utilizing the same great technology used to strap down gear to the roof of a car. With ergonomic design, the SCOTT Re-Entry Strap System is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing one-handed adjustment on the go. 

  • Strapless

Strapless grips makes is easy for your hands to get into or out of the grip with a flip of the wrist.

SCOTT Sports
Credit: SCOTT Sports


The collapsible ski pole, like the SCOTT Cascade C, is ideal for backcountry excursions as the pole can be folded up to fit right in your pack when needed. The extendable option comes in handy, allowing you to adjust the pole length pending on uphill or downhill travel. Check out the video above “It all started with a pole” for a demonstration.

SCOTT Sports
SCOTT poles with the powder basket. Credit: SCOTT Sports


Powder or standard. The powder basket helps stop the poles from getting buried too deep in the snow while the standard basket is great on groomed terrain.

Final Words

Through the years, SCOTT Sports has led the way in technology, design and innovation for a variety of gear tailored to skiing. It all began with the unassuming ski pole that has since acquired the progressively sophisticated attributes that are available to us today. 

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