Pop Up Scotty Lapp Memorial Skatepark Now Open in Tahoe City, CA

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Located in downtown Tahoe City, the park offers a legal, accessible place to skate

The Scotty Lapp Foundation announced today that the Pop Up Scotty Lapp Memorial Skatepark is now open in Tahoe City, CA. Located behind the old Blue Agave building, the 4,000-square-foot temporary skatepark is open to the public every Friday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to sunset until the snow flies.

Created in memory of Tahoe City resident Scotty Lapp, the skatepark was designed with support from local volunteers, contractors, and businesses to be a place for individuals and groups to challenge themselves, to encourage and be encouraged, to set and achieve their own goals while learning to manage risk along the way. Before he died, Scotty’s mission was to create a purpose-built skatepark in Tahoe City that would provide a legal, accessible place to skate and participate in other action sports including BMX, wheelchair motocross, roller and inline skating, and scootering.

“We are hard at work fundraising and collaborating with Placer County and the North Lake Tahoe community to find a permanent home for the Scotty Lapp Memorial Skatepark, but in the meantime, having partners like EVO step up to offer a temporary location and insurance to open a pop-up skatepark has been incredible. Our intention is to give people of all ages and backgrounds a local, legal, safe place to gather and connect to their common love of skateboarding, and we hope the pop-up park helps to demonstrate how valuable this can be for our community.”

 Amy Lapp, Scotty’s mom and co-founder of the Scotty Lapp Foundation

The pop-up skatepark has a variety of features for people to get creative on, including a mini pipe, hip, flatbank, two quarter pipes, 5-stair with a hubby, tabletop, flat down bar, step up gap, 3-stair, grind ledge, and China gap ramps.

The Foundation’s goal is to find a location that can accommodate a 20,000-square-foot park that is inclusive, accessible, community-minded, attractive, and a safe space for all. Between mid-February and June 2022, $250,000 has been raised, however, depending on the size of the park that can be built on the land that is made available, the cost to construct the skatepark could exceed $1 million. The Foundation also has the support of Placer County, the Tahoe City Public Utility District, and The Skatepark Project (formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation).

Learn more about the Scotty Lapp Foundation and how to help at scottylappmemorialskatepark.org.

About Scotty Lapp

Scotty was kind, thoughtful, loving, and energetic. Skiing became his greatest passion and during the off-season, he loved nothing more than to grab his skateboard and head out with his friends. After school in Tahoe City, kids of all ages would gather to skate but didn’t (and still don’t) have a place to go. They would roam around town until they were asked to move on. Scotty didn’t like breaking the rules but also really wanted to practice his sport. It was his intention to start a petition to build a park, however, he passed away in a ski accident in February 2022. Hours after his death his family decided to continue on with Scotty’s plans and get to work on trying to build a skatepark for the people of the community. The Scotty Lapp Foundation’s first big project is to raise funds for the Scotty Lapp Memorial Skatepark. Learn more and donate at scottylappmemorialskatepark.org.

scotty lapp memorial skatepark
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