Search Begins in Utah for $10,000 Treasure Chest

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cash treasure chest
People in Utah are searching for a treasure chest containing $10,000 cash. Credit: David Cline Instagram

Two friends in Utah are posting clues online about where they have buried a treasure chest for the second year running. The treasure chest, containing $10,000 cash and other goodies, is hidden somewhere in the mountains of Utah and is free for anyone to try and find. 

Last year, friends David Cline and John Maxim buried $5,000 to cheer people up during the pandemic. This followed the long-awaited unearthing of the treasure chest buried by Forrest Fenn back in 2010, which took an estimated 100,000 people over a decade to find. Cline and Maxim’s treasure was found after just four days, so they have upped the challenge this year. 

poem clues treasure map
The poem contains clues to the location of the treasure chest. Credit: David Cline Instagram

“We completely underestimated you guys last time. You figured it out so fast, so we’re going to make it a little more difficult.”

– Cline and Maxim announced on their social media regarding the 2021 hunt

The friends launched the search last week by sharing a poem with hidden clues and they plan to release further hints every Friday. So far, they have released two bonus clues: it’s not at a ski resort and it’s not buried too deep, so “there is no need to dig holes throughout the entire Wasatch front”. Treasure-seekers can sign up for early clues on the Utah Treasure Hunt website.

The $10,000 treasure is Cline and Maxim’s own donation. It’s part of their effort to raise the morale of their community after the struggles caused by COVID-19. They also hope to encourage people to get outside and explore the mountains.

Unfortunately, one hiker has already been injured while trying to solve the puzzle, requiring the assistance of rescue teams. This is despite Maxim and Cline’s instructions that the treasure chest is accessible for anyone and is not in a dangerous location.

map utah
The friends also released a satellite map of the general location of the treasure. Credit: David Cline Instagram

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