Search Resumes For Snowboarder That’s Been Missing At Mt. Baker Ski Area, WA Since Sunday

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Active searching areas. Image: Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office

According to The Bellingham Herald, the search has resumed for a snowboarder that has been missing at Mt Baker Ski Area, WA since Sunday. 24-year-old Vitaliy Datskiy was reported missing by two of his friends after he failed to show up at a designated meeting point shortly after noon on Sunday. After the ski patrol was notified, they instantly began a “hasty search”, which entails searching the most dangerous areas on the mountain.

The Red Pin marks Mt. Baker Ski Area, WA. Image: Google Maps

Along with that, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue team was called in to aid in the search efforts. Officials and volunteer search teams scoured the area below chair 6 until after dark Sunday in high winds and heavy snow. The resort has received over 5 FEET of snow since Friday, which leaves the area prone to avalanches and tree wells. Officials are expected to continue the search throughout the day in hopes of locating the missing snowboarder.

“He was last seen going under at the top of Chair 6, going under a rope line,” stated Duncan Howat, ski area president and general manager. “He seemed to be headed toward some steep cliffs and a steeply treed area.”

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