What a Season of Backcountry Skiing in Alaska Looks Like:

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Ever wondered what it would be like to ski a full season of backcountry in Alaska?  Well, here ya go:

Here is a backcountry edit of a few days in March and April. Alaska had one of the worst ski seasons seen in many years. plagued with a low and dangerous snowpack most of the season, it was hard to reach the desired terrain in the Chugach Mountains. By March our snow level was 45% of normal with a layered snowpack resembling a cross breed between a colorado and california snowpack. so needless to say, we had to tip toe out there and tone it down to play it safe. For such a unforgiving winter, and for all the plans that went down the shitter, we did manage to get some good days out there. Here is a few of them for your enjoyment. All lines have been hiked to from the road.  – Scott Rich

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