Self tracking camera technology that is affordable

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This fairly new, somewhat underground camera technology allows you to mount almost any camera to it and with the remote device track and film yourself. This is the next step in self made action sports film and video I would say. You are able to capture professional level video without the need of a professional photographer/camera man.  The popularity of drones for filming has grown tons over the past year, but this technology is about half the price as current drones and much simpler and easier to use I would say.














I recently saw one on these in use in Newport Beach CA and was amazed how fast and accurate the camera moved with the surfer it was tracking. The remote mounts on your upper arm similar to IPod mounts for running and you can control and communicate with the device via the remote. The only issue I would foresee is the possibility of theft, in which case you just need to go find a remote spot to film yourself and your buddies with no one else around.  Testing maybe conducted in the future on these. Stayed tuned.


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One thought on “Self tracking camera technology that is affordable

  1. Industry is presently trying to piece together a Theatrical Self tracking spotlight/fixtures. You already have the technology mastered for this new application. It is only a suggestion that I leave with you.

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