Mt. Shasta, CA Snowpack Currently at 141% of Historical Average | It’s Going to be a Good Summer!

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Shasta, california
Credit: SWS Mountain Guides

Timothy Keating, CEO of SWS Mountain Guides, updates us on the current conditions on Mt. Shasta:

This past week the Mt Shasta Forest Service released its April snow survey report for the 2018-’19 winter. The snow depths at Horse Camp were measured at 145.6 inches. This places the total at 141% of the historical average.

What does this mean for Mt Shasta and California? The last time that we had these kinds of snow depths coming into spring was 2017. In that year we saw ski trips running all the way to the July 4th weekend and climbing in Avalanche Gulch well into the month of August. That year was also a big year in the Sierra with teams ice climbing the North Couloir on North Peak late into summer.

Shasta, california
Fresh snow. Credit: SWS Mountain Guides

This summer will look much like the 2017 season so make sure you book your trips early. It is already looking to be a busy guiding season for SWS and California Rock Guides. Weekends on Mt Shasta are starting to fill up as are a few climbing dates at Lovers’ Leap.

Whether it’s climbing and skiing on Shasta or rock climbing California’s best granite, it looks like it is going to be a great summer!!

Yours In The Spirit of Adventure,
Timothy Keating, CEO SWS

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