Is Shaun White Planning on Competing in Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics on a Skateboard?

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Shaun White is currently Down Under promoting his upcoming Air + Style event, but during an interview with Men’s Health Australia, did he just confirm he’s going to try and represent Team USA in skateboarding during the 2020 Summer Olympics?

“You’d have to drag me to the mountain right now,” he said. “Skateboarding seems so appealing. I would have quit snowboarding years ago if it wasn’t for skateboarding. What better than a two-year window to take a backseat to snowboarding to go skate and then be completely remotivated to keep snowboarding.”

That two-year window? That would take us up to Tokyo 2020. Skateboarding events will feature both street and park disciplines. Given that White was a vert ramp specialist, the park setup seems to best match his strengths reported The Inertia.

As it happens, he’s not too bad on a skateboard either…


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