Sherpa Summits Everest for Record 24th Time | Second Time in a Week Breaking His Own Record

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24 times up, still plenty of time for Instagram selfies. Photo: Kami Rita Sherpa

A Sherpa today extended his record for successful climbs of Mount Everest with his 24th ascent of the world’s highest peak.

Kami Rita reached the 29,035-foot peak Tuesday, his second summit of the week. He climbed to the top on May 15, setting a then record of 23 summits, then returned to base camp before climbing again this week.

Nepal Department of Tourism official Mira Acharya confirmed Rita reached the summit on Tuesday along with several other climbers taking advantage of favorable weather. There are 41 teams with a total of 378 climbers permitted to scale Everest during the spring climbing season. An equal number of Nepalese guides are helping them to get to the summit.

Mount Everest.

Tuesday’s climb brings Rita, 49, closer to his target of 25 ascents before he retires from high mountain climbing. His two closest peers have each climbed the peak 21 times each, but both of them have retired from mountain climbing.

Following in the footsteps of his father, one of the first Sherpa guides to be employed to help climbers, Rita first scaled Everest in 1994 and has been making the trip nearly every year since.

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