Colorado Hunter Mauled by Bear He Shot and Injured

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American Black Bear.
American Black Bear.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a pair of hunters shot and injured a bear in the right shoulder near Pagosa Springs, CO last week. After watching the wounded bear run off, the hunters waited for an hour before following the blood trail into the wilderness.

As the unlicensed male hunter jumped over a log, he unknowingly stepped over the bear. The bear then latched onto his hand, and as the man tried to get away from the wounded bear, it then latched onto his leg, reports Out There Colorado. His hunting partner, a licensed female, fatally shot the bear freeing the man’s leg from the bear’s jaws.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the legal harvest didn’t go as planned for the two hunters. The pair acted appropriately by seeking medical attention immediately and notifying wildlife officials of the incident.

After being notified, wildlife officials tracked down the bear and began the skinning process. The meat was determined to be unfit for human consumption due to the time-lapsed and warming temperatures in the area.

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