Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA Report: 142” Season Total and Hitting 3 Parks

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image: Josh Lease/SnowBrains

Report from December 16th, 2019, and brought to you by Sierra-at-Tahoe

It’s days like today that stick with you for a lifetime. What I love about riding Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA is you can head to the mountain solo and as soon as you hop in the line to load Grandview you’re with a squad of the local hound dogs ready to play in the yard. Today went just like that for me as it often does. First chair I had met up with my pal Dusty, not long after that Paul and Nick showed up. We filled four to the seat and up we went.

Image: Josh Lease/SnowBrains

On our first lap, we took a stroll through Snowshoe Park and noticed a couple of large framed shredders flowing along with us. We picked our lines and waved to the Sierra Playgrounds Park Crew as they were digging out features from the overnight snowfall. Now me being a large frame myself it always stokes me out when I see somebody chargin’ as hard as I do, using inertia as our benefactor for optimum send capabilities. We had reached “The Barnyard” section of Sugar & Spice where the side hits were a dime a dozen and every one of them was prime for boosting.  Myself and soon to be new friend Trevor popped two big airs simultaneously. While in mid lap we high fived, exchanged names without slowing down and proceeded toward West Bowl to avoid the longer lift lines on the other side of the mountain.

Image Josh Lease/SnowBrains

With the shred juices flowing we continued on down to Beaver and dipped into the trees for all the freshness one could devour. Arriving at the West Bowl Chair I said “goodbye” to my new friends and headed to West to West and found the promised land of untracked powder where we spent the remainder of the day etching our signatures in the previous night’s snowfall.

Current conditions.

With Sierra At Tahoe reaching 142” thus far in the early season, the base was solid underneath of the 12” of blower pow on top allowed for a more aggressive take on riding off the trail. Today was by far the best day of the season so far and it’s technically not even winter yet to have such prime conditions to play in.

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