Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA is Off To An Amazing Start for the 2018-2019 Season

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Powder skiing!!! Credit: Sierra-at-Tahoe

I don’t know if you have heard the buzz yet, but Sierra-at-Tahoe is firing on all cylinders! Currently, they have received a bountiful 66 inches of snow and have a stunning 53-inch base. That means you can take out the new gear you just got and not have to worry about running over any rocks, trees, debris, or snow sharks; save the P-TEX for another resort! What’s better is there is even more snow in the forecast. Potential powder day? Not out of the question…

Sierra-at-Tahoe currently has a jaw-dropping 98% of its terrain open. Beggars can’t be choosers, as they say, but with this much terrain open I am pretty sure choosers will be begging to make turns on their favorite runs. Just as a public service announcement, sidecountry gates are not open, including the popular Huckleberry Canyon area (going to have to wait for that one and trust the ski patrol).

Cheers to great skiing at Sierra-at-Tahoe! Credit: Sierra-at-Tahoe

Let me repeat myself briefly, 98% of the terrain is open. This includes four of seven terrain parks. For all of you who have been dreaming of your favorite feature, to sliding on a rail, or absolutely getting shot out of orbit, this is your season. On the snow report, local favorites include Castle if you’re looking for a leg burner and West Bowl for some nice groomed runs. While the groomers are skiing well, Sierra-at-Tahoe would like to recommend staying out of the trees until another big dump; they are just not ready yet.

“Conditions are looking Prime” Credit: Sierra-at-Tahoe

As Sarah Sherman, Communications Manager for Sierra-at-Tahoe put it,

“The mountain has been so much fun with what feels like mid-winter conditions right now. I’ve been loving big laps up Grandview Express, then down through Lower Snowshoe Park all the way to the West Bowl groomers. The only way it gets better is with some tacos and a celebratory jalapeno blackberry margarita at Baja Grill.”

Even the kids are hyped about the snow! Credit: Sierra-at-Tahoe

Is skiing not your favorite activity but you still want to enjoy the snow? Sierra-at-Tahoe has got you covered with snow tubing at Blizzard Mountain. Fun can be had by big and little ones alike and offers a great way to enjoy the snow without the skiing. Don’t believe me? Check out Blizzard Mountain for yourself.

The two lift-accessible tubing lanes have a start deck for easy take-off and a gentle run-out that will allow a comfortable stop. To get back to the top, just lay back and relax while the rope tow pulls the tube up to the start deck.” – Sierra-at-Tahoe

For all of you slackers that don’t shred the pristine alpine slopes as much as you should, Sierra-at-Tahoe has an exclusive ticket offer for you. They are currently offering the 3-PAK ticket bundle deal for $73/day. That means three times the fun and there are no blackout dates. Prices go up on December 15th so hurry to get yours today. This is an unheard of deal where I come from (Colorado) where an average day ticket can cost $200… or more depending on holidays. If only Sierra-at-Tahoe was closer…

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