Sierra-at-Tahoe’s Season Pass Is One Of The Best Deals Around

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Laying down some big slush turns! Credit: Sierra-At-Tahoe

It’s no secret, California’s Sierra-at-Tahoe has one of the best season pass deals around. Buying a season pass can seem daunting at times. Which one do you get? There are so many different options of just passes alone as well as different ways you can utilize such passes. Have no fear, Sierra-at-Tahoe’s season pass is back, it’s reasonably priced, and it comes with incredible benefits that make it beyond worth it for the 2019-2020 season.

Only high fives and good times at Sierra-At-Tahoe! Credit: Sierra-At-Tahoe

Alright, let’s get down to business here… How much does the pass actually cost? An Unlimited Adult Season Pass at Sierra-at-Tahoe only costs $369! Sierra-at-Tahoe is really giving other season passes a run for their money. Other season passes cost excessive amounts of money and sometimes really makes me question whether I am getting my dollar’s worth. Sierra-at-Tahoe is truly bridging the gap between people that may be partially interested in skiing and the die-hards by making prices low for maximum shredding.

Prices go up on April 30th so get yours today

Nothing better than spring skiing during Sierra-At-Cabo! Credit: Sierra-At-Tahoe

Sierra-at-Tahoe’s season pass is incredible because of the perks. Sure the price may be right… but what else does it get you? This pass has so many hookups, I can’t type them out in a paragraph because it would take up the whole page. Check out some of my favorites:

  1. My Sierra Rewards or upgrade to My Sierra Rewards PLUS membership – Sierra-at-Tahoe has a new loyalty program where you can get 20% cash back at the resort and a free Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) lift ticket for a friend! Check out Sierra’s webpage for more details.
  2. BFF Tickets – Got a friend that doesn’t have a pass to Sierra-at-Tahoe? Not a problem if you have the season pass. For just $60 you can get that buddy a pass for the resort. Unlimited Season Pass holders receive 6 BFF Tickets and Value Season Pass holders receive 2 BFF Tickets.
  3. Free Fridays – Now this is how you kick off the weekend in style! Grab a buddy and hit the slopes and your friend doesn’t have to pay a dime! One pass per Friday if you are an Unlimited Season Pass holder and the pass holder must be present for the free ticket. It is good on or before 12/13/2019, on 1/10/2020, and all Fridays from 3/13/2020 thru the end of the 2019/2020 season.

Make sure you check out all the incredible deals for Sierra-at-Tahoe’s Season Pass Benefits page.

Keeping it loose at Sierra-At-Tahoe! Credit: Sierra-At-Tahoe

Another massive benefit for Sierra-at-Tahoe pass holders is the Powder Alliance. Now for the kicker, to sweeten the deal even more Sierra-at-Tahoe is apart of the Powder Alliance. If you are a Sierra-at-Tahoe Unlimited Season Pass holder, you get 3 FREE days at 18 other resorts throughout resorts in the US, Canada, South America, and Japan. Also, you receive special deals on lodging, rentals, buddy tickets, and so much more. By the numbers, that’s 54 days of FREE skiing/riding at 19 total resorts, with 1,301 trails that cover 34,871 skiable acres.

Sierra-At-Tahoe skiing is amazing, but it is incredible with friends! Credit: Sierra-At-Tahoe

Bottom line, if you live anywhere close to Sierra-at-Tahoe, you would be doing a disservice to yourself (and all the fresh snow) by not getting this pass. The pass has so many benefits and it is so cheap compared to anything around.

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