“Sierra Nevada Limpia” Removed 881-Pounds of Garbage From Granadas Mountain

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Sierra Nevada Limpia, Garbage, Granadas Mountain
Sierra Nevada Limpia, the Garbage Battalion of volunteers. Credit: Ajedrea

Sierra Nevada Limpia removed 881-pounds of garbage from Granadas Mountain in the National Park. This organization of volunteers with the help of Cetursa Ski Resort tries to keep out the garbage left on the mountain by feckless folks.

Sierra Nevada Limpia, also known as the “Garbage Battalion”, is a group that goes up every weekend to clean the Sierra Nevada in Spain. They go through the peaks and slopes, collecting all kinds of trash left behind by the famous “Sunday lovers”.

Sierra Nevada Limpia, Members, Garbage, Granada, Spain
Several members of Sierra Nevada Limpia with garbage collected in La Hoya. Credit: Elperiodicodearagon

According to Sierra Nevada Limpia, they didn’t only collect small pieces of paper and wrappers that may have accidentally blown up, but thousands upon thousands of wet wipes. A true plague today, to which disposable masks are gradually being added.

But as if all this were not enough, one of the members told the newspaper, Ideal de Granada, that they found in the middle of the National Park the full toilet from a motorhome. 881 pounds of waste and garbage have been eliminated, especially from the area of La Hoya de la Mora, the place that gathers a large number of people all year.

Cetursa, Sierra Nevada
Cetursa workers collect waste in the streams of Sierra Nevada. Credit: Elindependientedegranada

There are seven kiosks with drinks and items for tourists, but there isn’t a single bathroom. This leads to everyone who wants to wash their hands or empty their bladder using wet wipes to clean themselves.

The logical thing would be to put it in a plastic bag and take it to the first trashcan you find, but the reality is that everyone ends up getting rid of it without even looking where it will fall.

“People go do their needs behind the area of ​​the pines, and it remains horribly dirty. The garbage of the Hoya de la Mora is particular, there are many plastic cups, plates and especially wet wipes, there are thousands.”

Said Enrique Montero, from the Diario Granadino. 

Sierra Nevada, Cleaning, Spain
Cleaning operation in the Sierra Nevada. Credit: Lugaresdenieve

The area of La Hoya de la Mora isn’t part of the domain of the Cetursa Ski Resort and for decades it has been in a totally irregular situation by Spanish legislation. This means that there are no private or state organizations that promote or help care for these areas.

However, between these two entities, they contribute to each other in matters of protecting the mountain and taking the garbage out. We hope that the alliance can continue growing so that in the future they can intervene together in matters of protection and legislative regularization of the Hoya de la Mora area.

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