SilverStar Bike Park, BC, Opens Today With New Trail, Title Line

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SilverStar Bike Park in BC opens for season pass holders today (and the general public tomorrow). As Canada’s second-biggest bike park, SilverStar boasts an extensive network of cross-country, hiking, and downhill mountain biking trails, including a brand new downhill trail called Title Line.

bike park trail map
SilverStar trail map showing new trail, Title Line. Credit: SilverStar

In collaboration with the Title MTB brand, this signature trail was designed by pro-mountain biker Brett Rheeder. Its creation is Rheeder’s contribution to the Okanagan community; a way to give back to his fellow local bike riders.

bike park machine work
A number of the trails at SilverStar have seen major updates and improvements. Credit: SilverStar

Many months of work have gone into building this new, advanced-level trail. It consists of two sections: an upper section with flowing berms and rollers, which leads into the lower section with more technical features for more experienced riders. Rheeder utilized his team of Title-sponsored riders to build the line, along with the help of SilverStar’s own trail crew to get the job done.

“It was a huge build. We’re all excited to see the public’s reaction to this trail now that it’s open. I think this is going to be a step forward in the evolution of bike parks everywhere,” says Ben Byers, SilverStar trail crew.

SilverStar reminds riders to “pre-ride and re-ride”. As well as the new Title Line, there have been significant updates to other trails including Pipe Dream and Shazam. Make sure to take your time on the first lap through and remember that major changes may have happened since last summer.

SilverStar Bike Park is open until September 6th and day tickets are available on their website

downhill mountain biking
With over 100km of trail, SilverStar is famous for having a world-class bike park. Credit: SilverStar


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